Smart-Vent Systems

There are many different ventilation systems available in New Zealand today and it is all about making the right decision for your home and family. Smart-Vent offers both types of home ventilation technologies. Smart-Vent Positive and Smart-Vent Synergy

A Smart-Vent Positive Pressure ventilation system draws drier, fresher air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside. This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home. This process positively pressurises your home creating air circulation and forcing out the stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew. Continually ventilating your home with fresh, dry air will improve the air quality in your home and effectively remove dust, dust mites and unseen irritants such as pollens and mildew forming mould spores, which multiply in damp, humid conditions.

Smart-Vent Positive Pressure Systems are suitable for most homes and particularly well suited to older homes where timber joinery and older aluminium joinery allows air to be forced out more easiyl and create better air circulation.

Smart-Vent synergy is very different from most other home ventilation systems. It is a completely balanced system, capable of extracting stale, moisture-laden air from inside your home and bringing in fresh, drier air simultaneously. Best of all, Synergy is a True Heat Recovery system that recovers and re-uses up to 90% of the heat from the warm air extracted from within your home. It is an extremely energy-efficient way to re-use heat you have already paid for.

With bulding methods and lifestyles changing, modern homes are better insulated with modern aluminium joinery which results in homes being more airtight than ever before. Synergy systems are designed for those situations as a complete solution to achieving an optimum halthy home environment.


Smart-Vent will filter out dust and dust mites, reduce condensation, mould and mildew and filter out pollens and other allergens.